Onshore Company Formation

Onshore Company Formation

Freezone company formation UAE

What are the benefits of setting up an onshore company in UAE Free Zones?

  1. 100% foreign ownership and managementis allowed (no need of involving a local citizen/ sponsor).
  2. 0% tax for 50 Years
  3. 100% restriction-free capital repatriation.
  4. Strategic geographical location (region’s transport and logistics hub) to conduct International business at minimal business costs.
  5. Register company in almost any type of specialisation/ business.
  6. None of company officers names are disclosed on any Publicly Accessible Records/ Disclosure of Beneficial Ownership to Authorities.
  7. Can have bank accounts in UAE and abroad.
  8. Residence visa for all shareholders and their families
  9. Purchase/ Lease properties in Free Zones.
  10. Stability of the national currency and constant dynamic development in all the sectors.
  11. Availability of highly progressed and perfectly organised modern infrastructure (land, premises, roads, etc.), sea and air transport companies, ports and airports.
  12. Minimal crime rate and rapidly increasing domestic demand for imported goods/ services.
  13. UAE offers one of the most secured and regulated business-friendly environments in the world

Types of licences available for onshore companies in UAE Free Zones

  1. Trading and commercial activity license.
  2. Manufacturing or industrial license.
  3. Professional servicing and consulting service license.

Why should you contact us to set up onshore company in UAE Free Zones?

  1. Price: Most reasonable cost in UAE.
  2. Quickness: The least possible time to set your company up.
  3. Reliability: Quality support from experts with hands-on experience.

    Contact us without any hesitance to open an onshore company in UAE Free Zone at the best price.