Free Zone Company Formation

  Free Zone Company Formation

Offshore Company Formation

Advantages of setting up business in UAE Free Zones:

  1. 100% foreign ownership of business.
  2. Company can be formed by just one individual and, 100% secrecy is maintained.
  3. No taxes on corporate gains and personal incomes and no mainland labour rules (easy to employ staff).
  4. Open bank accounts in UAE.
  5. 100% free transfer of funds.
  6. Do international business.
  7. Fast-track document (mostly in English) clearance and simplified incorporation process.
  8. Exemption from export and re-export duties.
  9. Can operate 24 hours a day, with special approval.
  10. Visa assistance for investors, staff and family members.
  11. Easy availability of legal, housing, immigration, labour and other required facilities.
  12. Unique purpose-built infrastructure.
  13. Business-friendly company laws and legal framework.

Types of licences available for UAE Free Zones

  1. Trading and commercial activity licence.
  2. Professional servicing and consulting service licence.
  3. Manufacturing or industrial licence.
  4. E-commerce and logistics licence and, freelance permit.

Why should you contact us to set up Offshore/ Freezone companies in UAE?

  1. Price: Most reasonable cost in UAE.
  2. Quickness: The least possible time to set your company up.
  3. Reliability: Quality support from experts with hands-on experience.
  4. Safety and comfort: All your personal information is strictly confidential with us and we fulfil all your related requirements: licence, visa, bank account, governmental approvals, etc.

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